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Baby teeth are the cute little chompers that pop into place and help your child eat, talk, and smile. Even though they eventually fall out of the mouth, they serve many purposes. To help you know more about baby teeth so you can better understand your child’s smile, Dr. Alan Kessler and our dental team are happy to give you some facts and information.

It’s typical for the first baby tooth to erupt from the gums around 6 months of age. However, this isn’t the case for every child. Some kids grow teeth extremely early while others grow teeth extremely late. The lower middle tooth is usually the first one that pops out of the gums. When all of the teeth erupt, your child should have 20 chompers.

It’s important to take good care of your child’s smile by helping them clean their teeth and gums with a soft-bristled, child-sized toothbrush and water. It’s not recommended to clean their teeth with toothpaste until they are about 3 years old. When your child has two teeth grow in next to each other, you can begin flossing them. It’s also best to bring your child into our office for their first visit six months after their first tooth erupts or around their first birthday.

When your child loses their teeth, they will be replaced with 32 permanent teeth that will serve them for a lifetime. Typically, the first tooth to grow into place is the first tooth to fall out. This should happen when your child is around 6 or 7 years old.

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