Congratulations on taking the first step towards a new smile!

What to Expect in the First Weeks:
The first week or so will be the toughest part of treatment as you will be getting used to your new brackets.

The teeth may become tender as they begin to move. A soft diet and use of over-the-counter pain medication (ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin) will help through this time. It will get easier as the treatment progresses.

The inside of your lips will need to adapt to the feel of the brackets. This initial discomfort will pass when your tissue gets used to them.

If any sores develop, use the wax that was given to you to help with the transition.

Foods to Avoid:
Some foods damage your braces or cause problems for your teeth. The following list of foods should be avoided (or prepared and consumed differently):

  • Apples – peel apples due to tough skin and cut into small pieces. Avoid biting into an apple without cutting it first.
    Gum – avoid chewing gum altogether as it will get stuck in the brackets.
  • Candy – no caramel, taffy, gummy bears, or anything sticky or chewy. Do not bite hard candies or mints – allow them to dissolve in your mouth. Consuming these foods can bend wires or knock off brackets.
  • Carrots – cut up raw carrots into thin slices or avoid completely, cooked carrots are fine.
  • Corn – remove kernels from the cob
  • Hard foods – NO hard pretzels, ice, nuts, popcorn (due to kernels), pizza crust, crusty breads, etc. Consuming these foods can bend wires or knock off brackets.
  • Sugary foods – Brush teeth or rinse with water immediately after eating.

Brush and floss regularly. Use fluoride mouth rinse. The brackets make it harder for you to clean them. Trapped food and plaque are a breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria.

Have your teeth cleaned and examined regularly (every 6 months) during treatment.

Call the office at 757-340-8805 as a soon as possible if anything comes off, becomes loose, or breaks so that it can be cemented or replaced. These disruptions can cause unwanted tooth movement or add more time to treatment if not addressed immediately.

Please feel free to call us with any questions you have!