How Illness Affects Your Oral Health

If you have ever had a cold or flu, or even severe allergies, then you know how taxing it can be on your body. When we are sick, oftentimes we think about how to get better, while letting oral health slide. As a result, you become more susceptible to cavities... Read more »

What Is Invisalign and What Can It Do for Me?

Invisalign is a discreet and effective system used to straighten your teeth.  Invisalign provides cosmetic benefits as well as health benefits by improving your bite and your smile.  Many people do not like the look and feel of traditional braces, and don’t have the time for the maintenance of keeping... Read more »

Achieve a Healthy Valentine’s Day Smile by Doing These Things

Valentine’s Day is a special day, and do you know what would make it even more special? Having a healthy smile! This is because you won’t need to worry about toothaches and dental issues while you’re spending time with your loved ones. Our dentists, Drs. Alan Kessler and Tiffany Foster-Kessler... Read more »

Are Dental Implants Affordable? – Discussing the Cost

Many people may hesitate to pursue dental implants due to fear of the cost, or inability to know the exact price of dental implants.  At London Bridge Smiles, we do our best to work with each patient and their financial concerns about the average cost for dental implant restorations.  While... Read more »

What is Digital Imaging?

Many practices are now advertising “digital imaging,” but what does it actually mean? Digital imaging takes the place of the sticky GOOP that was used to take impressions of a patient’s teeth.  This used to be a widely displeasing process due to the gagging reflex and uncomfortableness that the PVS... Read more »

New Year, New Smile

It’s a new year, and that means a whole new you! Many people set New Year’s goals that say so, anyway. But might we suggest something a little simpler (that won’t be forgotten by Valentine’s Day)? How about “New Year, New Smile!”? Whatever your smile needs, we are here to... Read more »

How Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery is Performed

Do you have wisdom teeth in need of being extracted?  This is a popular procedure that so many people must endure at some point in their lives.  You may be able to have wisdom teeth pulled in our office or be referred to a dental surgeon for surgery. Where you... Read more »

Make “Better Oral Health” a New Year’s Resolution

Most often we hear “lose weight,” “go to the gym,” or “stop smoking” as common New Year's resolutions.  While those are all great decisions, don’t forget to add “better dental hygiene” to the list of habits to start in 2018.  You probably don’t even have to work very hard to... Read more »

Keeping Cavities Away During the Holidays

The holiday season is here and with that comes the time to partake in favorite traditions, pastimes, and parties - many of which involve festive goodies, sweet drinks, and oh-so-yummy treats. Over-indulging in too many sugary snacks can put you at risk for tooth decay - but that shouldn’t stop... Read more »

Early Signs of Dental Attrition Require a Dentist’s Attention

Slight changes in the alignment and orientation of your teeth can gradually cause excessive wear between two or more of your teeth. As time goes on the gradual, yet unnatural grinding force can start to wear down a localized area of a tooth’s enamel layer. As time goes on the... Read more »