Thank you for visiting London Bridge Smiles. We invite you to read some of our patient testimonials to see what people in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and surrounding areas think about their dental care, and to return here to leave us your own review after your appointment with Dr. Alan Kessler and Dr. Tiffany Foster-Kessler. To learn more about us, and to make your appointment with our dentists, please contact our office at 757-644-5421.


“Kessler and Kessler Dentistry is the best dental office that I have ever experienced in my 43 years of going to a dental office.”

“I was most impressed that when I walked in I was told that you would get me right back since you remembered I had a 7:30am meeting! WOW! Thanks.”

“I was very pleased with the office and staff.”

“Very friendly staff that is willing to work with me in regards to payments. Great office layout with comfortable chairs and TV for pleasure. Shannon is always perky and fun along with all the other Hygienists Mary, Erin etc. Every time I visit I feel like I am a valued client, and always feel taken care of!”

“I checked out several orthodontists in Virginia Beach before choosing Kessler & Kessler and I am very glad I made this choice. Dr. Kessler and his staff are always very warm and friendly and I enjoy going to my appointments. I really appreciate the miracle that Dr. Kessler has performed in transforming my smile. I love you guys but I can hardly wait to get my braces off. Thanks so much!!!!”

“Everyone was very friendly! Warm and inviting!”

“Very nice office, seems to have a calming effect. Staff is very friendly, helpful and geared to handle paranoid patients. (They are all also a good-looking group of people).”

“Everyone is friendly everyone is helpful everyone seems concerned about my dental health. When a problem is found during cleaning and immediately taken care of at the same appointment, I am very pleased.”

“What I like most about the office at Kessler & Kessler is the beautiful atmosphere, the waterfall, the televisions in every room, and the inviting decor. The staff is what really makes this office. Every single person in this office is friendly, knowledgeable and very personable. I really love going to this office for my dental needs.”


“I love your decor and design of the dental office. Whoever did it did an excellent job and shows the creativity of the company and the caring and detail to do a great dental job. I’ve referred several of my coworkers to go see Kessler and Kessler.”

“Thank you, Dr. Tiffany and Mary, for making my smile BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your office is beautiful and your staff is A-1!”

“You are too far away from our friends and family. We have talked you up to a few close friends BUT you are too far for them when they have a dentist around the corner and he is a parishioner of our church.”

“Always professional!! Our family very pleased with Kessler Dentistry. Thank You!”

“Beautiful place. I enjoyed it!”

“Faith is the best!”

“I love my dentist.”

“I was really treated so good, could not believe she only charged me for the X-ray. The last two times I was in Dr. Kessler was really good to me, it is so difficult to lose your spouse and suddenly your income drops, I can not thank her enough.”

“Like always the staff and service was “A1″ the best!!!!!”

“Sure wish I had come to Dr. Kessler a lot sooner. He’s the last dentist I’ll ever need. Excellent service and a great staff. Won’t have any apprehensions about my next visit. Thanks and keep up the great work.”


“I came there to get a tooth fixed because I was in a lot of pain. I liked the service so much I have returned multiple times for more work and brought my daughter there for her braces.”

“Why dental treatment has been the best I have had in a long time, thanks to the whole staff.”

“You all are the best!”

“Dr. Kessler and his entire team are fantastic! Keep up the good work! :)”

“The whole team is great. :-)”

“I’ve had no problems with the service done to my teeth. Granted my teeth were a mess before I went to Kessler & Kessler, and I’m very pleased with the steps they suggest to me on the route to getting my teeth back to normal. TWO THUMBS UP!!”

“I will not go to any other dentist again. I feel like I cheated because I couldn’t wait a week for a cleaning & went to a different dentist. I will not do that again. I respect the level of service and professionalism from Dr. Kessler.”

“I appreciate your patience with me. Still hurt but think it’s from the shot. Thanks again and will see you again sometime. One tooth at a time.”

“We love Kessler and Kessler!!”

“We love coming there and are so happy we found you!!”


“Hope my permanent top partial fits as well as my temporary!!”

“I enjoy my visits to the dentist:) they care about you and you can tell.”

“Best office, staff, dentists… thank you for caring so much!”

“I really like the last hygienist I had for my cleaning best of all. I can’t remember her name, but I had a 4:00 appointment last Thursday, I think.”

“You took my pain away!!!! Thank you.”