You will make two appointments to receive your dental crown. During the first visit, we take an impression or scan of the teeth to “crown” or restore. Then we fabricate a temporary crown or temporary bridge while waiting for the porcelain crown to be created by our lab. On the second appointment, you come back in to seat your porcelain crown.

Following your Temporary & Crown Placements:
Brush your teeth normally, but use extra care when flossing (to not remove the temporary crown).

If a temporary crown falls off, you will need to come back so we can cement it again. Your temporary crown is important because it prevents your other teeth from moving which would affect the placement of the new porcelain crown.

It is normal to experience some sensitivity after the placement. Any pain may be treated with over-the-counter pain medication.

Do not eat or drink hot beverages until anesthesia has worn off completely.

When you are able to eat, do not chew hard or sticky foods to avoid damage to the crown.

If you feel any other discomfort or have any other questions, call us at 757-340-8805.