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Water flossing is an interdental oral health care treatment method that can routinely clean between your teeth. It is often compared to threaded dental floss because of its ability to remove food particles and residue quickly and easily from between teeth. Water flossers are revolutionary interdental cleaners built to function like traditional dental floss, but instead of using thread to clean between teeth, water flossers use water. A steady beam of water washes away harmful bacteria and food particles that may be lodged between teeth.

Usually due to a muscle injury or old age, a person may struggle to work dental floss easily and effectively. In cases such as this, consider switching to water flossers to ensure your smile gets the full clean it deserves without the difficulty of performing the task. In addition, water flossers have been shown to be extremely effective at cleaning teeth with prior dental treatments, including smiles that have been treated with orthodontic aligners, dental bridges, dentures, and dental crowns.

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