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There are many options for straightening your teeth that can get your best smile. If you are looking into braces, you may want to consider lingual braces.

Lingual braces offer many of the same benefits as regular ones. They adjust your teeth carefully and gently until they sit in a more perfect alignment, thus granting you a more attractive smile.

So how are they different? Well, this variety rests on the back of your teeth instead of the front. When you smile with lingual braces, they should not be visible to others. They quietly hide in the background and do their work.

On the other hand, regular braces can be very prominent. When you smile, other people may take notice of them. lingual braces allow your smile to show through instead.

If you would like to see if lingual braces are right for you, you are welcome to visit us at London Bridge Smiles in Virginia Beach, Virginia. You can discuss the decision with Dr. Alan Kessler, our dentist, who can guide you to the treatments that can work best for you. Call us at 757-340-8805, and we can help you get your teeth in order so you can flash your best smile for your friends and family!