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Tooth hazards exist in all areas of our life. Although several of them can give rise to oral accidents and injuries that you may have little control over, there are issues that you can’t always change. To ensure your smile has the best chance of health success both now and in the future, be aware of tooth hazard risks in your life.

Some of the biggest risks to your smile are derived from your diet and your dietary choices. If for any reason you are using your teeth incorrectly or are consuming products that are putting your teeth at risk, you can slowly damage your teeth and gums or even cause immediate damage.

To limit the effects of harmful tooth hazards in your mouth, always make sure that you are improving your diet every day. By eliminating unhealthy substances such as sugars and starches, you can keep your mouth free of various risks that can arise because of them. Did you know that sugars and starches can be broken down by plaque buildup in your mouth into harmful acids that will eat through tooth enamel? Because of this, you should avoid products such as potato chips, sports drinks, candy, fruit juices, soda, protein bars, or any other products that could potentially contain large amounts of sugar or carbs.

Always make sure to avoid hazards associated with opening products such as bottles. Your teeth are only designed to chew through food and nothing else. Any time you try to use your teeth for something else, you run the risk of damaging them. Instead, only use bottle openers or any other tools handy without ever having to resort to using your teeth.

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