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Wisdom teeth typically linger deep within the gums until late in adolescence. They often attempt to emerge after your 20 primary teeth have been completely replaced by your 32 adult teeth.

At this point, most people choose to have them extracted at London Bridge Smiles. While it’s often of someone’s volition, many people are driven to have the wisdom teeth extracted to reduce the ache and pain associated with the process of emergence.

Even if you feel little discomfort or one or two wisdom teeth emerge without trauma, you could still experience future complications.

Emergent wisdom teeth can sometimes be prone to cysts. This is a small area of fluid or inflammation that forms in the gums in relation to the wisdom tooth. While some are sterile and cause minor discomfort, some can come to harbor a dangerous infection that requires an oral surgery resection.

A wisdom tooth that manages to emerge will need to be brushed and flossed just like any other tooth in your mouth. Unfortunately, since they can be hard to reach or partially emerged, it makes them far more likely to develop tooth decay or a periodontal infection.

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