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Early Signs of Dental Attrition Require a Dentist’s Attention

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Slight changes in the alignment and orientation of your teeth can gradually cause excessive wear between two or more of your teeth. As time goes on the gradual, yet unnatural grinding force can start to wear down a localized area of a tooth’s enamel layer.

As time goes on the area of dental attrition can start to deepen and spread. In a situation like this, you will likely notice a gradual change in the tooth’s texture. This might also be associated with minor tooth sensitivity or visual changes in the tooth enamel.

If it’s caught early the oral care specialists at London Bridge Smiles might be able to address the issue with minor dental contouring treatment. This involves Dr. Alan Kessler making minor adjustments to the tooth enamel on the biting surface of the offending tooth.

This treatment can be performed in a single outpatient appointment to reduce the physical impact between the two teeth to limit further wear and tear. If the compromised area of tooth enamel needs further treatment he might also recommend applying a dental filling or performing a dental crown restoration.

If you are in the Virginia Beach, Virginia, area and you are suspect an area of dental attrition has developed on one of your teeth, you should call 757-340-8805 to have it examined and treated at London Bridge Smiles.