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Are you displaying signs of halitosis, also referred to as bad breath? If so, treatment for the condition depends on what is causing it. Bad breath is often caused by bacteria, oral health ailments, or even underlying conditions deep within your body. Speak with your healthcare professional to determine the root cause of your bad breath.

Is your bad breath being produced from plaque buildup within your mouth? Mouthwash and similar oral health care treatments can be used to effectively eradicate the condition. However, if bad breath is the result of gum disease or a toothache, you must first deal with the ailment before you can fully eradicate bad breath from your mouth.

In some situations, bad breath may be produced due to underlying causes deep within your mouth, or even outside influences. Medications you may be taking could be contributing to bad breath as they can often produce dry mouth. In addition, kidney and liver problems, as well as respiratory tract infections, are known to promote the occurrence of bad breath.

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