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Some foods can increase your risk for additional oral disorders. The substances you consume play a large role in your overall oral health care. Be mindful of foods and drinks that seek to shatter your tooth enamel and ruin your oral health. Listed below are common foods and drinks you should avoid to ensure your smile will remain fantastic:

Sugary Sweets:

– If at all possible, avoid all sugar sweets to keep your smile safe. Sugars can turn into harmful acids which are notorious for causing tooth enamel erosion.

Acidic Foods:

– Extremely acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits are capable of weakening your tooth enamel and causing dental erosion.

Sticky or Chewy Foods:

– One of the most dangerous substances to your oral health is sticky and chewy sweets and snacks that linger in your mouth long after consumption. The longer harmful ingredients are in contact with your teeth, the more damage they can do. They can also be difficult to wash or brush away.

Hard Foods:

– Exercise extreme caution with all foods that can easily chip or crack your teeth. Some foods, such as candy apples and corn on the cob, can pose the risk of an oral accident or injury, so be cautious when biting into them.

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