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Many practices are now advertising “digital imaging,” but what does it actually mean?

Digital imaging takes the place of the sticky GOOP that was used to take impressions of a patient’s teeth.  This used to be a widely displeasing process due to the gagging reflex and uncomfortableness that the PVS (goop) would cause.  Most people are already nervous at the dentist office, so who wants to sit there and gag embarrassingly?  No one!

At London Bridge Smiles, we use a system called 3shape TRIOS® to scan our patients quickly and with no gagging.  This tool is a win-win in the dental industry:  it allows you to be more comfortable, while allowing us to be more accurate.  You will also be able to instantly view the images of your teeth on screen as the scan takes place.

If gagging from impressions was one of the reasons you were avoiding the dentist office, worry no more.  Come in and give digital imaging a try – we are sure you will be amazed with the results.

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