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Content Smiles: Hazards in Your Diet

Tooth hazards exist in all areas of our life. Although several of them can give rise to oral accidents and injuries that you may have little control over, there are issues that you can’t always change. To ensure your smile has the best chance of health success both now and in the future, be aware of tooth hazard risks in... read more »

Improve Your Oral Health with Mouthwash

In order to help your mouth and smile remain healthy throughout your life, it’s a good idea to always look for new ways to improve your oral hygiene routine by using new and effective teeth-cleaning products. One of the products you may choose to use is mouthwash. However, it’s important to note that not all mouthwash products are the same.... read more »

How Illness Affects Your Oral Health

If you have ever had a cold or flu, or even severe allergies, then you know how taxing it can be on your body. When we are sick, oftentimes we think about how to get better, while letting oral health slide. As a result, you become more susceptible to cavities and gum disease, which is why our dentists, Drs. Alan Kessler... read more »

Keeping Cavities Away During the Holidays

The holiday season is here and with that comes the time to partake in favorite traditions, pastimes, and parties - many of which involve festive goodies, sweet drinks, and oh-so-yummy treats. Over-indulging in too many sugary snacks can put you at risk for tooth decay - but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a few more treats than you normally... read more »

The Invisalign® Option

The sight of a young person with a mouthful of metal braces is not uncommon. However, many adults are thinking about straightening their smiles, and may not like the look and feel of traditional braces. And to be honest, most people’s lives are busier than ever before, and many people may not just have the time to clean and maintain... read more »

Oral Health Treatments: Bad Breath

Are you displaying signs of halitosis, also referred to as bad breath? If so, treatment for the condition depends on what is causing it. Bad breath is often caused by bacteria, oral health ailments, or even underlying conditions deep within your body. Speak with your healthcare professional to determine the root cause of your bad breath. Is your bad breath... read more »

How Chewing Gum Helps Maintain a Healthy Smile

Sugarless gum: is it good for your oral health or not? Science gives pretty clear indicators that except for those who have TMJ or other jaw problems, it does actually improve the state of your mouth. Here are some facts about how gum can help you have a healthy smile: -When chewed for at least 20 minutes after a meal,... read more »

Can Your Oral Health Be Improved with Water Flossing?

Water flossing is an interdental oral health care treatment method that can routinely clean between your teeth. It is often compared to threaded dental floss because of its ability to remove food particles and residue quickly and easily from between teeth. Water flossers are revolutionary interdental cleaners built to function like traditional dental floss, but instead of using thread to... read more »

A Better Smile Awaits with These Toothbrush Tips

Is your toothbrush becoming an obstacle to a great smile? If your toothbrush is contaminated or heavily worn, your entire mouth will suffer. When you want to keep your teeth clean and clear of dangerous debris and bacteria, you can always count on brushing. A better smile awaits with some extra toothbrush tips. The key to understanding toothbrush treatments includes... read more »

Be in the Know About Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a severely debilitating disease that is found in over 42,000 new patients every year in the United States. One of the most important facts to remember about cancer is that success often relies on finding the disease at its earliest stages. Always being mindful of your current oral health status can help you identify symptoms that may... read more »